Name: Chii, Has No Last name Age: 19

Race: Demon

Konachancom-119314reiuji utsuhotouhou
Gender: Female

Blood Unknown

Height: 5'6

Weight: 120 lbs

Birthplace: Unknown

Eye Color: Crimson red

Hair (color and length): Shorter to the neck, dark brown

Skin: (Color/complexion): Pale or White

Physical Description: wheres white button up shirt with a blue plaid skirt ( kind of short), she also wears black combat boots carrying a claymore on her back.

Psychological Description: Chii is a very quiet and serious person and at times can be goofy. She has memory loss and remembers little to nothing form her past. Hobbies: She enjoys discovering new things and adventure. She practices her sword skills in her free time.

Love interest(s): None at the moment

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Dominant Hand: Uses left hand for writing but uses her right hand for everything else.

Education: Currently in High School

Family: She knows little about her family other then she has two older brothers Living Arrangements: Lives in an apartment by herself

Favorite color: Crimson

Occupation: Her occupation is shrowded in mystery but she will disappear for days at a time. It is rumored that she is an assassin.