The Japanese Special Self-Defense Response and Infiltration Corps or JSSDRIC as it is referred to by agents and other members of the Ministry of Defense is a civilian overseen branch of the Ministry of Defense that deals with major threats to national security, lives of politicians/government officials or cases involving magic. Due to the confidential and complex nature of the branches work many of its agents are magic users themselves and are often authorized to carry a weapon on them at all times in addition they usually have the full powers of a comparable position in the United States (Federal Agent). The unit is broken into 9 sections and its headquarters is located in Tokyo; Japan in a building owned by the Ministry of Defense.

Known Locations/Affiliations Edit

The department operates out of its headquarters and mobile command centers. It is known to have some affiliation at present with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, the United States Central Intelligence Agency and the Yun Clan.

Chain of Command Edit

At present the chain of command is unclear. It is known that the branch is divided into teams of two and occasionally they are given a support agent who assists with transportation, security and scene protection. Teams also have a contact within the headquarters whom assists with dispatching, mission information, surveillance and other external tasks while in the field. This contact also may handle debriefing of agents after a mission.

Known Agents Edit

Natsuki Yun
Yumi Akira
Mimi Yuzuru
Kuro Nakamura
Joris Keller