Name: Jonas Black

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Weight: 165

Height: 6'2

Birthplace: Kyoto Japan

Race: Brittish

Eye Color: Deep blue almost violet

Hair: Black

Skin color: Tan

Physical Description: Jonas is normally seen wearing black pants a white dress shirt and a blue world war 2 British long coat. He is also tall and extremely athletic build.

Psychological description: Jonas is extremely intelligent he also is very strategic for everything he does he has five back up plans in case the first fails. Jonas is also extremely determined what he wants he will get one way or another. His right hand has the power to break any sort of magic one touch and it is destroyed no matter what it is any sort of magic it also negates any magic directed at his body either. His left hand has the ability to copy any magic he sees no matter what it is.

Hobbies: Chess swordplay martial arts and gun-play

Dominant hand: Amperdexterous

Education: Currently in highschool

Family: His father was the head of the negation clan and his mother was the head copy clan they are both dead killed by the other clans members when Jonas's birth and abilities were found out about.

Living arrangements: Jonas lives in abandon houses since the rest of his family has shunned him.

Occupation: None