Kuro is a member of JSSDRIC and is Natsuki Yun's partner. She use to work in the branches Research Division working on a special mechanical suit for combat purposes.

Character Bio Edit

Name: Kuro Nakamura
Age: 16
Race: Half-Korean-Japanese
Gender: Female

Kuro Nakamura but with pink hair

Blood Type: A
Height: 5'7ft
Weight: 117 lbs
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Eye Color: Blue
Hair (color and length): Long, black
Skin: (Color/complexion): White and clear in complexion
Physical Description: Usually seen wearing a brown dress outside of school. During school days, she wears the signature sailor suit and skirt with stockings and dress shoes. She almost always wears glasses. On missions, she conjures herself a shiny blue mecha-suit equipped with some guns, explosives and jet thrusters, replacing the clothes shes wearing (the suit itself is still a prototype and will render herself naked if she changes back). Her breast have grown quite large and wears a black bra under her clothes.
Psychological Description: Kuro is known for her intelligence, often scoring quite well in her grades. She is serious and sometimes arrogant but also has a cool and calm attitude, sometimes even charming (she's somewhat poplar around boys as well). Her parents are usually quite proud of her as well.
Hobbies: On her free time, she enjoys video games, movies and anime (she's really into sci-fi), and appreciates the night. (especially in the city or at a park). She also likes to spend time with her partners.
Love interest(s): None (although some people may have a crush on her)
Sexual Orientation: Unclear (tends to be an escapist when offered dates)
Dominant Hand: Balanced
Education: Currently in High School
Family: Her parents got a devours just recently although this doesn't bother her too much. She just doesn't understand the reason behind it, as they both get along fine. Her mother Rui is Japanese while her father, Kai is Korean.
Living Arrangements: She living with her mother in a two-story house.
Favorite Food: Rice
Favorite color: Purple
Occupation: JSSDRIC Research and Development team, currently developing bio-suits known as "Shells" to help aid soilders as a way to help the handicap.

Notes Edit

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