General Edit

The Yun Clan is a collection of families whom are led by the Yun House of magic users whom are endowed with healing or barrier creation powers. The Yun Clan is very wealthy and is one of the most powerful clans in Japan. It was led by Lord Yuu Yun whom was killed in the Battle of Rage in Tokyo. The clan is currently led by his daughter Natsuki. It currently has five branches; one in London, one in Tokyo, one in Germany and two in North America. Its Tokyo branch is the largest with its main mansion and 3 small houses used to conduct operations out of. It is currently affiliated with ANECC, JSSDRIC, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police and the Black, Frost and Connor Clans.

Known Members Edit

Yuu Yun – Lord of House Yun (Deceased)
Natsuki Yun – Heir to House Yun
Neil Yun – First Son of Lord Yuu; Leader of the Eastern America Branch
Jenna Yun – Lord Yuu’s Wife; Leader of the British Branch (Deceased)
Yugi Yun – First Line Member
Nori Yun – First Line Member
Aya Foster – Lady Natsuki’s Caretaker/Attendant
Anna Echelon – Lord Yuu’s Caretaker/Attendant
Shin Aceshter – Steward of House Yun